About us

Meet Purple

From our beautiful office in a converted chapel set in the Pennine hills, Purple Demand has been setting the bar in our industry since 2013.

Having worked together for over 20 years, our leadership team combined their extensive corporate finance and IT services experience to found Purple. Each of them has a solid track record in the IT sector, having held senior professional services positions at companies like HP, Catalyst and Morse. Their commercial experience and understanding of customer and partner relationships is fundamental to Purple’s approach and process.

The strong working relationship of Purple’s founders is reflected in our passion for building long term collaborative relationships with clients, too. In fact, many of our clients have worked with us since we started Purple, something we are incredibly proud of.

We are a close-knit group of 30 plus people at Purple, and we continue to expand the family. Our team includes a number of native speakers of languages other than English, which has been invaluable for Purple’s increasing expansion into the European and global markets.

We achieve results by employing the best people in the business and operating together in an honest, open and transparent manner with our clients.

Let us work for you, and with you.

Purple Demand office