What we do

This is what we do…and we excel at it.

Purple work with Technology and Finance companies who want to find new clients and also generate revenue from their existing client base. We work with you to build a program that suits you and your market, and are completely transparent in how we achieve your business goals.

And whilst it requires a slightly different approach, we also run programs that help you retain your existing clients.  By doing this we protect your current revenue streams, create additional customer loyalty and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities too.

We tailor programs to suit your business objectives

Purple people working on your program are there to build relationships with you. Our team are highly skilled and understand how to represent you in the market. Being aware of how to talk about your business (without pretending to to be you!) and sensitive to your culture is integral to our approach.

We will help you grow your business

Hand,Nurturing,Young,Baby,Plants,Growing,In,Germination,Sequence,OnAnd of course we are calling very busy people, from the C Suite through to Procurement. Purple excels at piqueing a prospect’s interest quickly and bypassing the gatekeepers, making quick and valuable connections by phone.

Once we find an opportunity that fits, we share that information with you right away. Transparency is crucial to us, and we give your team the chance to discuss the call and talk to the Purple person who engaged with the prospect on the phone.  We want your people to have all they need for a successful first conversation with a prospect.

Our reach is expanding

British pound and euro coinOur team of native European speakers now lets us extend our UK programs further afield. We have proven our process with success in the UK and doing this is a natural extension for us. Our expanding into new markets will benefit our clients too.

We are in it together to ensure success

What really differentiates Purple is our belief that a lead is not a lead until you have engaged with them.  We will stay engaged until you have had a conversation with the prospect.  And if a prospect doesn’t turn up, we will retain ownership until the first call happens.

It is a collaboration between you and Purple, togethercolleagues fist bump at their desks