How we do it

This is how Purple does it

team co working at a deskWe know you are likely to have an excellent digital strategy in place.  Which is fantastic, but is less likely to work effectively unless you actively engage with prospects to drive them to take action. That is where we come in.

With research to ensure we are targeting the right people on your behalf, we have a wealth of strategies to get past the gatekeepers and focus on turning digital activity into live prospects.

First, our experts source, import, de-dupe and rationalise raw information into a useful and usable program. Then we look at your target markets and personas, to uncover the prospects with most chance of conversion success.

We add in market intelligence from many sources such as published data, LinkedIn profiles and more. And as we go through our call program we cleanse and enrich your data, providing fresh insights that will help you close deals.

Not every prospect wants a meeting at the outset. So we move these back into the system, to be nurtured over the medium or long term. Leads are scored and rated and kept live. And when a prospect is ready, fully-qualified and eager to talk, your sales team will be armed with all the details and information they need.

Enablement model

Woman,Working,With,Modern,Laptop,And,Writing,In,Notebook,The output from the definition workshop will be a Campaign Brief which covers:

  1. Campaign objectives and strategy
  2. Key metrics and success criteria
  3. Elevator pitch and guide for conversations
  4. Market drivers and target prospects
  5. Objection handling
  6. Development of ‘hook’/promotional items, including design and production of campaign-supporting collateral such as datasheets and other product information
  7. Process for distributing and managing leads
  8. Agreed reporting requirements.

Once a lead or appointment has been generated…

We’ll arm your salespeople with detailed lead sheets, with as much detail as possible for a positive, productive outcome. The lead sheets are essentially transcripts of the discussion between a prospect and a Purple person. Each of the lead sheets are sent to our internal Quality Assurance team to make sure they’re an accurate record of the conversation.

people working at a desk togetherLead hand off:

Once our clients have matched the lead with a salesperson, Purple will set up call to  talk them through the opportunity. For example, we share the call to action expected by the prospect and what the salesperson should expect when they make contact. By providing as much information as possible we ensure a successful next action and engagement.

When a lead or appointment has been generated, we arrange a call with your sales person to walk them through the opportunity. They can discuss the call Purple had made to facilitate an understanding of the situation: the tone, level of interest and a bit more detail about the opportunity.  We work together to ensure that the agreed call to action is successful.

Close,Up,Of,Hand,Holding,Telephone,Against,A,Purple,BackgroundLead progression:

If the next planned action does not happen for any reason, the Purple team are on hand to get in touch with the prospect and reschedule – perhaps a call was missed, or the prospect’s availability changed. Whatever it takes, we’re there to help maximise the chances of a successful conclusion.

We care about what happens to each and every lead. We share responsibility for moving them through the sales pipeline, so that it is as easy as possible for a salesperson and a prospective new customer to have a productive and positive outcome.

Business,Person,Analyzing,Graphs,And,Taking,NotesLead nurturing:

Lead nurturing builds relationships with prospects who aren’t yet ready to have a conversation with you.  It’s important that these opportunities are not lost.

We have a lead nurturing process which ensures that we keep track of these opportunities until they are sales ready.  We ensure that we ‘touch’ them on a regular basis with relevant content, all of which is provided to us by you.

You can rest assured that your prospects will receive content aligned with what is current.

For us this is not about working on one program: it is about establishing evolving partnerships

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